Be part of the shift

Who’s missing in media? seeks partners, both individuals and organizations, willing to shift the generalized narratives about Latinas in media.

How to get involved

Speak up your mind  
If you are a Latina, both U.S-born or foreign-born, and you feel that something is missing in the media when it comes to Latinas, get in touch with WIMIM to be interviewed and amplify your voice.

Become a partner
WIMIM isseeking for partners willing to collaborate in different ways :

  • Video editors.
  • Bilingual writers -English/Spanish
  • Members of the academia, researchers, undergraduates and fellows, interested in conducting media monitoring.
  • Journalists and media outlets, both Spanish and English-speaking, interested in getting involved.

With your support we can:

  • Edit video interviews and translate the contents into Spanish in order to increase impact.
  • Design and implement the media monitoring.
  • Design and develop the Multimedia Guidelines for Journalists.